A Dog’s Eye View: Back from the Dead… Again.

Hello again,

I seem to be following a pattern of writing a new article every 13 months to two years. Clearly I do not do this for a working wage.


 What triggered it this time? A telephone call I received from a fellow insurance agent who had stumbled across an article I had written in 2016 about why putting socks on your dog may not be a good idea. She said it was the funniest thing she had read in months. (No, she does not get out often. None of us do. Why do you ask?)


Now the question I’m sure that is brimming at the forefront of everyone’s minds is….What do you want this time, will it help me lose weight, and how can I use this information on next year’s tax return, assuming we are still allowed to write off things like donations to charity and we haven’t succumbed to a Zombie and/or Nuclear Apocalypse? No, that is a lie, but it is a good question, and I will get to the answer in just a bit. The real question you are asking is, “Oh, my God!!  They CLOSED the (Insert bad word here) Chelmsford Dog Park! What do I (Insert bad word here) do now? And, “Where can I get car insurance for less than $42,000.00 now that my kids are drivers?” And, “What do you Remoras want for dinner tonight?” At least these are the questions I grapple with every day.


Before I tackle any of those questions, I will catch you up on what my cast of characters has been up to for the past year. Sadly, Apollo the Horse (28 years), Moose the Giant Rabbit (real age unknown), all our various chickens, Nutmeg the Chinchilla (unknown age), and Yukon the Husky (16 years) all crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and are sipping their adult beverages of choice in Valhalla. In the realm we live in, we have acquired another Dove I refer to as Birdy, and a ferret the family decided would be named Podo.  Podo was brought to the police station by someone who said they found him wandering around a parking lot, and he had enough ticks on him to prove it. So he is totally credible when he makes himself look REALLY, REALLY Ethiopian-like skinny and hopefully pathetic as he begs for a treat from you before you can cross his room in any direction. Living with Podo is like having a toll booth in your dining room-no one gets in or out for free. Then he turns around to eat his toll, and his butt widens to the size of Manhattan Island.


So, back to the questions at hand….What do I want this time? I want world peace and some good recipes for Ajvar because it’s eggplant season. The CDA Board has already notified me it will not allow me to use their 503-C non-profit status as a way to obtain donated eggplants. I believe Will’s specific words were, “Get off my phone.” while I was busy falling down laughing. 


The Chelmsford Dog Park will re-open after the new grass is set, and hopefully, the two Eagle Scout projects to build a brick patio floor and a large storage shed are done. Joe from Advanced Lawn Care has advised the CDA that he is planting the same grass seed mix that has worked successfully at the Watertown Dog Park, and Will has found some fencing from which he will make a structure to move around the park to give worn areas time to re-grow.  What do you do while waiting for the park to re-open? I encourage you to visit other dog parks (the Chelmsford Dog Park Facebook page is loaded with suggestions), or take leashed walks on other Open Spaces, and critique local bars, restaurants, nail salons and golf courses, similar to what you did before the Chelmsford Park opened (which will be One Year on June 22, 2017!). Regarding the car insurance thing, call my office at Kosciolek Insurance Agency, at 978-458-6032. I can definitely beat $42,000.00, all day long. And I’d much rather talk to you about insurance, dogs and eggplants over the hordes of UCC-backed telemarketers from Zimbabwe and similar out-of-the-way places that somehow find us.     

I Pity The Fool Who Don't Eat Eggplant

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