Loose Dogs and Dog Fights Webinar (Jan 30)

Robin Bennet
has broadcast a free webinar on How to handle loose dogs and dog fights.

Do you ever find yourself on a walk where loose dogs approach you, maybe even bark or charge at you? Perhaps you have neighbors that don’t keep their dogs in the home. Perhaps you don’t have strict leash laws in your neighborhood. Perhaps people just don’t understand that they should have control of their dogs. Perhaps others just think their dogs want to say, “hi” to you (even if you don’t)!

Join me for a FREE WEBINAR!

Here’s what we’ll cover
• Two immediate action steps to take when you see a loose dog
• Five simple ways to deter an approaching dog (including one tool you probably have in your house right now)
• The most effective ways to break up a dog fight – and what NOT to do
• The canine body language knowledge that will keep you safe (and is EASY and simple to learn)

The webinar itself is available at: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/19800/83480636ee
Although free, this requires a sign in and will put you on Robin’s mailing list. Additionally, this link is real-time playback – there are no controls to pause or rewind.

The video of the webinar is also available on YouTube:


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