Fall/Winter Work Party

Nov 8, 2016 | Blog Post

We are planning a work-party to do autumn cleanup and pre-winter maintenance on the park – On Saturday, December 3, from 8 till 12.

Several folks expressed an interest in assisting last time and have asked “when is the next work party?”

Please contact Will at webmaster@chelmsforddogassociation.org or on Facebook if you are interested in helping. (Do note, this does qualify as volunteer hours for high school students and the requirements for the National Honor Society.)

Things that needs to get done:

  • Rake leaves
  • Rake wood chips off of path and back onto slope
  • Put another layer of mulch in the “pee-circles”.
  • Fill various holes around the park
  • Trim brush and mulch the area around the dog park sign.
  • Trim brush in the Training Area.
  • Sand and apply polyurethane to the wood of the kiosk cabinet.
  • Place an acrylic sheet on hinges over the kiosk cork board.
  • Trim the grass around the fences.
  • Pull weeds from the mulched slope.
  • General clean up of trash in the parking lot, along park borders and inside park.
  • Finish rolling up tents from Howl’ween
  • Move planters to area behind shed
  • Collect solar lights from planters, into shed
  • Collect fake flowers from the planters, into shed
  • Attach hose-hooks in the shed and hang the hoses
  • Assemble the 2 donated benches for the small dog pavilion
  • Assemble and place two time-out kennels.

things we need people to donate, to help do this:

  • Mulch or Wood Chips (preferably un-dyed, cedar – no hemlock, no black/red dyes)
  • a small, garage-type shelving unit to put in shed
  • a few plastic, stack-able storage boxes

things we need people to bring, to help do this:

  • shovels, leaf and lawn rakes
  • screwdriver/drill
  • wrenches
  • hammer
  • weed trimmer
  • hedge trimmer
  • wheelbarrows
  • large rocks (the larger the better)

The park is currently: OPEN
(Dawn to Dusk)

The Chelmsford Dog Park is located at:
52 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford

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