CDA Meeting Minutes: 08/29/2016

Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

 August 29, 2016 Monday, 7:00 PM

 Chelmsford Police Dept. Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford

 Call to Order: 6:50 PM Following DPAC meeting that started at 6:00 PM

Present: Danielle B, Danielle C, Erik, Vivian, Sandra, Mary, Joyce, Will, Sarah


Not Present: Beth B.



* Approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting.

            Motion to approve the minutes of July 13th, 2016 as presented/amended: Will

Seconded: Joyce

Vote: Unanimous


*Reports of Committees

            Fundraising /Future Events:

-Lions Club Fall Fair- confirmed

– Farm Fair- Barret Byam Homestead- TBA

-Farmers Market, TBD Sept. 1 Joyce, Kari

-Howl’ween- 6 Vendors at this point. To be held at the park. Door prizes, raffles, Danielle B. presents coloring pages for contest.


*Reports of Officers

Treasurer– Sandra  current balance, recent deposit of $- agility class from Beth L, memberships in the mail. Budgeting- Vivian check to deposit as a sponsorship for a shade structure in the small dog area. $ towards snow blower- currently have snow blower, but needs a gas tank. Look into fixing it, or purchase of new snow blower. Table at Mary’s to be moved to the park, two more benches to be assembled and installed in park, one to go in small dog area. Will to pick up benches.

Website news- Will- Sandra mentions sponsorship list needs to be updated. One time out Kennel has been donated. Suggests should be reflected on website so that they can be recognized. Will to make clear on site that there are rule exceptions for people who lease the training area, such as bringing treats. Will to post about farmers’ market and Fall fest. Discussed whether Facebook page should be moderated so that all comments are to be reviewed prior to being published vs closed group. Once a Facebook group is closed, it is closed forever.

Vivian makes a motion to close Facebook group. Seconded: Danielle B.

Motion fails, no votes.

DPAC– Just finished quotes for maintenance items.

Membership– Need more volunteers. Per Mary, received a few more brick orders. Wait until 100 bricks ordered in order to save on shipping. Mason needs to install phase two of bricks because engraved bricks are not standard size. Will- brick order forms available online to print and will also build brochure holder on kiosk.

President-Vivian reports that port-a-potty for Howl’ween in outside parking lot would be $50 for one-day rental.


*Old and Unfinished Business

-Membership package- create a letter/form explaining rights as a CDA member, membership benefits vote at CDA meetings etc. – tabled for next meeting with suggestions for improved membership packets.

-Article 7 section A- board should be compromised of president, vice president, co-secretaries and four directors. Will proposes to get rid of co secretary and have 5 directors instead of 4.

Motion to change by Joyce. Seconded by Danielle C.

Motion to approve article 7- tabled to next meeting.


*New Business

-$1,000 donation-potential Eagle Scout project (Shed?)

-Volunteer policy discussion- liability-tabled to next meeting.

-Discussion of abbreviated rules sign in park. Liability issues, town would need to approve.

-Karen (Public): reports that her company pays her $250 for every 50 hours to volunteer, up to $500/year. States she is interested in using this for CDA’s benefit. Discussed volunteer opportunities. Will coordinate with Mary.

– Received $117 from Hannaford for August fundraiser.

-Rental agreement and rates-tabled.


Next Meeting Date: Provide nominations Sept. 28 6:30pm/ Oct. 12 6:30pm. Location TBD.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn- 8:56pm by Sarah

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