Autumn Work Party

Sep 16, 2016 | Blog Post

We are planning a work-party to do autumn maintenance on the park – On Saturday, October 1, from 10 till whenever we are done. Several folks have expressed an interest in assisting, asked “how can we help?” and “when is the next work party?”

NOW is your chance to step up!

Please contact Will at if you are interested in helping or donating materials (needed materials, listed below).

Things that needs to get done:

  • Clear grass from “pee-circles” in both the small and main dog parks.
  • Use rebar to pound drainage holes in the “pee-circle” near the main dog entrance.
  • Put a full layer of mulch in the “pee-circles”.
  • Clean the grass out of the small dog “diggers” sand pit.
  • Dig out some of the soil and lay pea stone around the fountain in the main dog park.
  • Trim brush and mulch the area around the dog park sign.
  • Trim brush in the Training Area.
  • Apply polyurethane to the wood of the kiosk cabinet.
  • Place an acrylic sheet on hinges over the kiosk cork board.
  • Trim the grass around the fences.
  • Apply poly-sand to the memorial bricks in the entrance courtyard.
  • Pressure wash the trash cans.
  • Pull weeds from the mulched slope.
  • Fill the old hyacinth holes with gravel and top with soil.
  • General clean up of trash in the parking lot, along park borders and inside park.

things we need people to donate, to help do this:

  • Mulch (preferably un-dyed, cedar – no hemlock, no black/red dyes) (we will need 4-6 bags aka 8-12 cu ft)
  • Drainage rock (we will need 4-6 bags aka 2-3 cu ft)
  • Pea stone gravel (we will need 2-4 bags aka 1-2 cu ft)

things we need people to bring, to help do this:

  • shovels, rakes and gardening equipment
  • screwdriver/drill to mount acrylic
  • pressure washer
  • weed trimmer
  • hedge trimmer
  • mini sledge hammer
  • wheelbarrows
  • large rocks (the larger the better)

If someone has a bobcat, we could also use some help clearing the stumps and brush roots from the agility/training area.

We are also looking for a donation to put in a Blue Spruce which can be decorated/lit come holiday season. (Mahoney’s has a 10-12′ tree on sale for $200.)

We will have professionals erecting a new pavilion in the small dog area (later in the season), setting the new permanent benches, and doing the lawn maintenance.

If anyone would like to donate one or more portable benches, like the one in the small dog area, they can be purchased at Costco or Ocean State Job Lot and can count as tax deductible donations.

Finally, if anyone knows a scout who is looking for an Eagle project, we have one that needs doing. Before the winter, we need an equipment shed to hold the agility equipment and snow blower(s). We also have a company willing to match the funds raised by the Eagle, for the shed!


The park is currently: CLOSED
(Dusk Until Dawn)

The Chelmsford Dog Park is located at:
52 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford

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