The park will be opening shortly (dawn)

All Trash is CARRY OUT!

The park is now CARRY EVERYTHING OUT! DO NOT leave poop on the ground. DO NOT leave poop bags on the ground or gathered up into a bag on the fence. DO NOT leave your Dunkins cups or water bottles in the park. When you leave, TAKE IT ALL WITH YOU.

Pictures with Santa are up!

Thank you to everyone for being so patient in waiting for these to be up...  There were even more folks this year! Click the link in the post...  You can find your picture in the gallery (search the thumbnails or view the slideshow) and click on it for the full size image. If it's too large for your screen, right click and select "view image" to see it fit your screen. The pictures are are full resolution for best quality printing!

No Trash for the Winter!

The trash cans have been removed for the winter. Please collect and carry out all trash and poop-bags when you leave. Do not use the recycling barrel!