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Opening June 22!

The date has been determined! The dog park at 54 Richardson Rd. WILL be open on June 22 (2016) Hours are from Dawn to Dusk. Please read the rules (here, or on the sign at the part entrance) Do note: The park will be closed every Wednesday from 7:00 Am to 9:00 Am for mowing.

Dog Park - Entry

A Discussion on Rules…

So, the park is coming along... and I know that everyone is champing at the bit to bring their dogs down and party! Just a little more patience, please. :-P However, there have been a few who apparently can't help themselves and have to find something to complain about (yep, you know who you are!) The most recent instance is someone who felt that, because of the park rules, "the joy & excitement has been sucked out of this by so much policing". So, let's discuss the rules.