The Many Faces of Loki

My son named this fluff ball after the Norse God of Mischief, after he himself smuggled him into the house while I was outside one night, as a gift for his grandmother. At the time, the dog was 10 weeks old, and as many pounds. The only reason Smokey allowed him in, was because they were the same size. Smokey hates big dogs. And now that Loki is 4 years old and 38 lbs, to Smokey, they are still the same size. Hence, Phoenix & Yukon are also allowed to stay.

But back to Loki.

  • He is a reincarnated Nurse. Got a cut? He’ll lick it. As many times as necessary.
  • He is Giver. Want some food? Take mine. Better yet, have this mouse I just caught.
  • He is WWF wrestler. His favorite chew toy is Phoenix. The tail is the best.
    (Recall that Phoenix weighs in at 80 lbs., and is very flexible)
  • He is a thief. He proudly steals blankets and beds only to abandon them three rooms away.alf
  • He is a college student. Has non-chalantly won belching and farting contests all across the country.
  • He is a gatherer. A box is no place for toys. Yukon’s bed in front of the TV is much better.
  • He is the Greeter. That puppy in the window? See the photo to the right.
  • He is the Energizer Bunny, hence, he is no longer at my mother’s, and the sole reason we had to get a kennel license.
    He spent most of his life at our house anyways. We apparently are much more fun.
  • According to my husband, he is the world’s Ugliest Husky.
    He is our doorbell.
  • He abhors violence of any kind. For a medium size dog, he has a very loud bark to make his displeasure known.
    Using brooms to imitate light sabers, although a favorite sport of teenagers, is not tolerated.
  • He loves to give hugs. Whether you are ready or not. And he will sneak in a kiss. No matter what.
  • He has several aliases: Loki-motive Breath, Snoopy-puss, Commander Four-Foot, Alf and Dustmop Tail.
  • And who can resist those eyes? They will make the most hardened criminal melt and share his chicken sandwich.
    Except for Phoenix.
    Phoenix will get the whole sandwich, and the pot you made it in, too.

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