Spring…Are You There?

So a couple of weeks ago Mommy and I were on our afternoon walk. Snow had been melting but there was still ice on the ground.  We came across a big puddle right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was BIG…no really…like 6 inches deep! Mommy went walking right through it, so I thought it was safe too… but it wasn’t!! There was ice on the sidewalk underneath the water. Mommy didn’t tell me! I slipped and face planted right into the puddle. My belly, chin, and face were soaked!!! Mommy didn’t get any pictures though because she was so worried about it. I sneezed for 30 minutes after that because I got water up my nose. No fun.


I am better now though and can’t wait for SPRING! When is it going to come??? Mommy says it should be here already, but it doesn’t feel like it most days. I’m so sad. I want to hike with Daddy and be outside and chase bugs!



Mommy wants spring to come too, but isn’t looking forward to ticks! Mommy hates ticks, they are her worst enemy!


In other news, I had been a very very good boy for a long time. No chewing on chords, or digging in the dirt, tearing the house apart etc. But I couldn’t help myself, I just had the urge to be bad! So I stole Mommy’s cups for her kids at school. She actually brought them home by accident as they got mixed up with other bags she brought home. She was going to bring them back to the school the next day…. She wasn’t lying when she said “My dog ate the cups!”


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