Jail Time

A Dogs Eye View: Some of Our Dogs Have Done Jail Time.


And for this reason, I’ve chosen to protect their true identity by using photo renderings of them. The irony is, the photos still show off their real personalities.
Phoenix, the Big Grey Goon, found himself at the Lowell Humane Society after he failed to save somebody’s marriage about 6 years ago. He was 5 months old. We got him when he was 7 months old. That first night in our house will live in our memories forever. He started sniffing his way around our living room, and his circles got faster and faster until he was running on furniture, and finally was able to run along a wall before he plopped on the couch. I believe the words, “Oh, hell no…” escaped my lips. However, the next morning, he was a totally different dog. Calm, collected. Little did we realize he was simply plotting further shenanigans which still raise our hackles from time to time.


Yukon, The Distinguished Gentleman, has done time at MSPCA and the Lowell Humane Society. No one knows his true age, but we were guessing he was about 6 when we got him, and we’re guessing he’s 15 now. He was a victim of an animal abuser, who was arrested after Yukon was seized. For the first six months or so that he lived with us, he was convinced he had to cower and huddle in the nearest corner every time the door opened. To this day he is still wary of quick movements near him. He was the dog that taught Phoenix how to play and they used to wrestle every day. Phoenix never won. Yukon pinned him every time. And then Smokey showed up.


Smokey was found wandering the streets of Lowell about 5 years ago. He did his time at the Lowell pound and the Lowell Humane Society. Weighing in at 18 pounds, he is the Micky Ward of Small Black Dogs. In his view of the world, he is the same size as any dog he comes across, he is in charge, and he is not afraid. He’s been informed by his vet he needs to lose a minimum of 4 pounds because he is a notorious thief that pushes Loki the 40-pound Golden Retriever out of his food bowl. Phoenix, who is 4 times his size in weight (6 times if you count the fur) doesn’t even mess with him. Yukon ignores him. Entirely. For all his ferocity, he is the best behaved dog at the vet. He is the reason our blankets growl.
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