Fall Happenings

Happy Fall Y’all! Baroo! I love the Fall! It’s also Mama’s favorite season! I celebrated my FOURTH birthday on September 12! I had so much fun. Mommy and Daddy took me to Sully’s Ice Cream and got my their “doggy ice cream.” Then Nana and Grandpa had a party at their house for me and I got to play with my pal Patrice. I still feel young, but Mama seemed so sad on my birthday and called me old! Ha! She’s old, not me!

We are all done going to Maine for the summer. So sad. Here I am supervising my humans swim- from the boat- because I do not like to get wet!

In other big news, my hospots on my neck have healed!!!! It took over 3 months! They would go away and come back. Now the fur is almost all grown back! Yay, no more itching!





all healed


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