CDA Meeting Minutes: 04/08/2015

Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

April 8, 2015 Wednesday, 6:30PM

Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford

Call to Order: 6:37PM


*Roll Call

Present: Beth, Vivian, Mary, Danielle, Sandra, Sarah, Mary, Beth L.,

Not Present: Will, Erik, Donna C., Bill C.


Approval of Minutes February 24, 2015

Motion to approve the Minutes of February 24, 2015 as presented: Danielle

Seconded by: Sarah

Vote: Unanimous


Reports of Committees:


May 3, Steps for Pets-4-H Fairground-table event, bringing Plinko, all are welcome, Sarah will bring Brutus and make a poster saying something like, “Meet Brutus of Brutus’ Blog”!

May 30Walgreens Dog Rally

– Pageant details-costume and talent competition $5 for one, $8 for both (10% discount for members) -we’re thinking that we want to give bricks for the first place winners, we need to work on a stage of some sort-pallets and fake grass?) Beth will bring some red rolled paper for a “catwalk” – Vivian is going to find out if Walgreens will give out free photos if we want to do photos with a backdrop and charge for them

-9 vendors to date- Whole foods, Next Step Living, German Shepard Rescue, Lowell Humane Society, JumpStart, Billerica Cat Care Coalition, Rub my Belly, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef

-Brian Henderson is performing/emceeing-will need details

-opening ceremony to include a moment of silence for Harvey Muscovitaz and all the pups we’ve lost since the last rally.

-New coloring contest-picture is all set

-Walgreens is doing food, banner

-EFP gift cards received

-Potential for pageant winners/contestants to walk in parade with us, maybe we can put pictures of the winners on the side of the float

-Does anyone want to dress up as McGruff? – no takers yet

July country fair/parade application-we will definitely have a booth on the 3rd but may pack up before the 4th because we may not have enough bodies

-July 4 parade float-application write up suggestions-tabled

-Yard Sale- tabled until the park is open

-Sal’s Pizza-Mary submitted an application but haven’t heard back yet


Finished Events:

-Phase I brick orders-we need approximately 30 more orders to qualify for free shipping. We don’t want to store them so we want to wait on sending them out until we’re closer to laying them

-Volunteer Fair-went well


Reports of Officers:

Treasurer– Sandra- reported funds

Need to ask Sushi Yanagi to reissue the check


Website news-Will- Square- properly linked to the bank account, Sandra is signed up and has ordered another unit

Smile-approved with bank account provided, we should see some money in April

         Will is considering a reformatting of the website over the summer, welcomes all suggestions

Will wants pictures of the stages of dog park progress to put on the website

Will will set up emails for anything we need volunteers, membership etc)-set one up for Mary as volunteer coordinator

If anyone is interested in working on a newsletter, Will can set them up with a mailchimp account


Sarah-new web blog



-tax filing is done for 2015

-construction banner has been hung

-bid for gazeebo submitted to PetSmart

-annual raffle permit being renewed

-pulling permits for Dog Rally


DPAC-Erik, Danielle, Mary or Beth-Bid documents are hitting the national register next week and a site walk will happen on April 24th


Old and Unfinished Business:

Sponsorship form, determine vendor for benches, trash cans, etc.-tabled


-Review/vote on draft Internet/E-mail policy -tabled


-membership program – Sandra has come up with a sign-up form which includes member benefits- 10% off of CDA merchandise and CDA sponsored events Mary is going to get the cards from her brother for free, Individual memberships $20, $25 for family memberships, $40 for businesses


Mary is our volunteer coordinator-send any interested volunteers to Mary-Will can create an email address for this for Mary


-status of main entrance sign design-Danielle-presented 3 drafts of the sign for the park. We liked the first sign with a couple of changes


-Bylaw and Conflict of Interest policy review-tabled


-Grand Opening Event activities-tabled




New Business:

-Next meeting date-Wednesday June 10th @ 6:30 Location TBD


Motion by to adjourn at 8:21 by Sarah


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