A Dog’s Eye View: Relaunched!

Yes, I know I got fur all over the couch... It's called FURniture, isn't it?

It’s been about three years since I’ve written an article for this series. It’s time I got going again. Our dogs have done countless numbers of noteworthy things that must be chronicled, lest their memory fade away to nothing. Not to mention the exploits of all the other critters that willingly hang out with us.

Let’s start with Introductions.

I am Vivian, and I feel like I’ve been on Earth at least 657 years. A lot has changed.

Other cast members of this show include my husband Erik, our Town’s Animal Control Officer. He has no idea how this many creatures snuck in the door behind him, but they all followed him home, except for the Pug and some of the chickens who were invited. And they all want to stay.

Our children have requested to enter a witness protection program – they are old enough to pretend they don’t know their parents or each other, unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Apollo is an elderly Apaloosa, retired professional Barrel Racer, now blind, but can hear the back door open from 500 yards away and always assumes it’s someone coming to feed him. This makes him so happy. I have no idea what he thinks when he hears the car start up and drive away.

We have an assortment of chickens. Two have the beady-eyed stare down, one might be senile as all she does is run back and forth along one side of the pen, and the rest are too young to care.

There’s Spot, a 10-year old Dwarf Rabbit, and next door to him is Moose, a Giant Chinchilla Rabbit.

There’s Nutmeg, a beige chinchilla, Juice the Bearded Dragon, Chibbs the Leopard Gecko, and Peace & Harmony, a bonded pair of Ringneck Doves. The lizards belong to my daughter and were named after assassins from Sons of Anarchy, simply because she’s warm and fuzzy that way.

We have five dogs:

  • Mugsy, the 13 year old Pug, who’s blind and deaf but can still use the Force to sense when it’s feeding time. Otherwise, he sleeps and occasionally gets up to pee.
  • Yukon’s the 14 year old Black Husky, retired sled dog who has mastered alternating looks of disgust and aloofness. He doesn’t care about your stick figure family, or ours, either.
  • Phoenix is a Grey Husky with all of the stereotypical dopey Husky habits you read about on those Husky-Facebook pages.
  • Smokey is a mini-pin terrier mix completely confident that he can kick anyone’s butt no matter how big they are, because he is the same size as them. None of the other dogs often question this, and if they do he is quick to correct them.
  • Last but not least we have Loki, a Golden Retriever mix that someone tried to pawn off on a friend of ours as a German Shepherd mix when he was 10 weeks old. You’ll hear more of their stories later.

So, until next time. Looking forward to seeing many people at the Lions Club Apple Fest this Saturday on the Town Common.

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