CDA Meeting Minutes: 03/25/2014

Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association

March 25, 2014

Chelmsford Town Offices, Room 206


Call to Order: 7:54

Present: Beth B., Sarah, Vivian, Erik, Bill C., Danielle, Mindy Dietz, Donna

Not Present: Mary, Sandra, Will


*Erik made a motion to approve minutes February 25, 2014 as amended. Second by Bill C. (Change “Beth Logan wants a list of dog park owners, to Beth Logan wants a list of Dog owners”)

Reports of Committees

*Steps for Pets at 4-H fairgrounds May 4, 11-2-Deb and John Arthur will man a table for us

-We will ask John if he can make a sign for us out of the Beech tree

*May 10th– Walgreens Dog Rally

-Need help passing out flyers-vendors and walkathon

-Mindy to pass flyers out at PetSmart

-Vivian to make skunk scent removal kits to sell

-we have 2 gift cards to date, need basket stuffers

-we have 2 vendors and 2 demos, lots of inquiries


-Donna will make PowerPoint slides for Walgreens and yard sale to send to telemedia

-Craig’s List ad is paying off-lots of people are inquiring and asking questions

-Erik will ask Officer Leo to come and demo

*May 31st-Yard Sale

-Advertise, donations etc.

-we need to get a yard sale permit and a food permit

-Agway is not going to hold an event that weekend and they gave us a $50 gift card for a silent auction

-menu has not been finalized yet

*Summer training on the common-flyers are ready, spread the word


Finished Events

-Volunteer Fair –we made $16.00

-Papa Gino’s – We go the check yesterday-$60.89

-Margarita’s – Still waiting to hear from Juanita

-Brick House-waiting to hear from Mike or Charlie


Upcoming Events:

-Danielle to host a Lia Sephia party over April vacation. 15% of the commissions will go to the CDA

-Erik is still working on the motorcycle ride

-golf tournament-more work than we can handle


Reports of Officers

Treasurer: Sandra not here

Website: Will is not here

President: Taxes are filed-we don’t have to do anything till November

-Vivian to send in grants to Market Basket, Stop N Shop and Hannaford, Lowes and Home Depot are more project oriented so we will submit grants for them when we’re in building mode

-Billerica Dog Park Committee conversation-a woman approached Vivian for fundraising ideas-we may do a joint fundraiser someday

-Web coordinator- We are back to Will only

-Survey Monkey Donation application-no response to date


New Business

-Donna had an idea to make magnetic car or bumper stickers to sell-she will do some research

-Mindy may go to some farmer’s markets at Jone’s Farm this spring to man a table

-July 4th parade theme: time to start thinking of what to do

-5 year recognition dinner-the members who have been with us for 5 years and also people who have supported us since we started. Erik mentioned doing a buffet at the North Town Hall. Will is TIP certified so we could get a 1 day permit to serve beer and wine

-Next meeting date: Wednesday April 30th @ 6:30 Location TBT



Motion to adjourn: Sarah at 9:07


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