CDA Meeting Minutes: 01/08/2014

Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

January 8, 2014 Wednesday, 7:00PM

 Chelmsford Police Station Community Room 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford, Ma

Call to Order:  6:53 PM

Roll Call.

Present: Beth, Erik, Vivian, Donna, Danielle, Sarah, Mary, Bill C, Bill A

Not Present: Will, Sandra

Welcome to the new 2014 Board of Directors & Officers!


Motion to approve the minutes of November 13, 2013 as presented/amended:                Erik                                                         Seconded: Bill

Vote: Unanimous

Reports of Committees:


Fundraising/Awareness Events-

Politically Incorrect show-December-fun, glad we participated


Future Events:

Potential Restaurants-

Brickhouse-  Erik will get in touch with owner

Papa Gino’s- we can do any night Monday-Thursday 4-9.  We have to advertise and we would receive 20% of pre-tax earnings-Thursday February 27th-once we get the flyer,

Bill A will help with advertising

Bertucci’s-tabled for now

Friendly’s-tabled for now

Applebee’s-tabled for now

Panera-tabled for now

Princeton Station-Erik will get in touch

99-tabled for now

Taste of Chelmsford with pizza-tabled for now

Flatbread-Beth will get in touch about a Tuesday fundraiser


*Erik will look into what it would take to organize a golf tournament

*Mary-Brunswick Lanes Bowling event-research-No one has got back to her yet, still waiting

*A suggestion was made about a gold party, we’ve had consultants offer to host home parties in the past-tabled for now

LHS did a clothing swap-tabled

*Volunteer Fair-March 15-Senior Center-10-noon. We will register for it.  Beth, Ernie and Mary will be there, Vivian will try.

*Yard Sale-Vivan and Erik will get some type of storage and we’ll hold it on May 31st at Vivian and Erik’s house.


*Danielle had an idea to do a concert.  Vivian knows of a woman how organized one and was told that by the time it was done, she’d never do it again.

The music would depend on what kind of crowd you’re looking to draw

Need a venue

We wouldn’t really even know where to begin

Vivian will talk to Laura Lee


Karaoke night

Talent show


*Mary and Erik had an idea to do a motorcycle ride-Erik will look into it

Finished Events:

Gingerbread House-went well, Mary and Sandra ended up winning it back

Margarita’s results-haven’t heard yet


Reports of Officers.

President-Vivian, IRS reinstated our nonprofit status

Treasurer-Sandra not here to report

Website news-Will not here to report

DPAC- Bill found a couple of links to put on the DPAC website, he will send them to Vivian

-2 interviews of design firms has happened so far, 1 more tomorrow


Old and Unfinished Business.

-Establishing an Internet/E-mail policy-Vivian is still working on this



New Business:

*Beth Logan is interested in doing another training class in July and August on the common, Bill would like to tape it

*Vivian will talk to Paul Cohen to make sure it’s ok to use the Common again


Bill and Donna did research on bulk mailings to either promote events/ send newsletters.  We could have Mary’s brother print mailings for free

The book with dog owners addresses will cost us between $20-$75

Erik will talk to town clerk to see if we could get a copy of addresses that is formatted for us to use


Vivian to talk to John Sousa to see if it would be possible for us to solicit donations from tax refunds

Donna will design something before the next meeting


Donna had an idea to create CDA dog tags – Erik will bring some brochures with him next meeting


Bill A thinks a dog park/CDA update would be a good idea-Vivian will take some time to give it some thought and write a newsletter


Next Meeting Date: February 25th 7PM


Motion to adjourn: Bill at 8:38


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