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Chelmsford Dog Association
February 19, 2013


Executive Summary

CDPP1The Chelmsford Dog Association in conjunction with many residents and Town officials has been working together to establish an off-leash dog park for its residents and there four legged companions since 2009. This project has a multitude of benefits for the community and its over 3300 canine residents.  This plan will explain the project and its significant benefit to the community. The park is 2.06 to 2.5 acres of the 12.0 acre site of the old Chelmsford highway Department garage.



CDPP2The dog park would run north from what is now the Highway Departments main gate to the end of the property line at which time it would follow the property line east for approximately 335 feet then it would turn and take a southerly route for approximately 235 feet and then go westerly for approximately 260 feet (see site map). The dog park would be 2.0 to 2.5 acres of the nearly 12.0 acres of the highway department’s property. Our dog park would still allow plenty of area for some of the proposed uses of the area outside the fenced in dog park.

Our design will be ADA friendly (handicap accessible) as well as green-friendly which will include rain gardens and swales and possibly rain water collection for use in park features.


Dog Park Area

  • There will be two (2) dog areas; one for large dogs and one for small dogs.
  • Both dog areas will be portioned of by chain link fence and will use a double gate entry.
  • We will retain the natural wind screen of trees along the westerly edge of the dog park
  • The Parking lot, entrances, and dog park courtyard will be ADA compliant.
  • The Chelmsford Dog Park Project will use green and sustainable practices wherever physically possible and financially feasible.
  • The Chelmsford Dog Park will use natural management of rain water through swales, rain gardens and possible rainwater collection.


  • 5’ tall galvanized chain link fence with 2” square diamond.
  • Fence post should be galvanized or flow coated
  • Fence should have at least a 15 year warranty
  • Line post should be 1.875” and terminal posts should be 2.375”.
  • Park Name


  • Rules and Regulations
  • Town of Chelmsford Ordinances
  • Emergency contact information
  • Bulletin board

Main Entry

  • Double gate entry to main park
  • Solid surface (concrete, asphalt, brick).
  • Park Name
  • Rain Garden composed of native plants
  • Future site of “Wall of Names”.

Hard and Soft Scapes

  • Grass covering at least 50% of the park.
  • Permeable “hard” surface covering about 15% of park.
  • Hard permeable surfaces should be comfortable and safe for both humans and dogs.
  • All surfaces and materials should promote rain water absorption, not rain water run- off.
  • Additional surfaces to be added after the fact when funds are available.

Waste Disposal

  • Feces disposal centrally located in each partitioned area, as well as at the main entrance to each partitioned area.
  • Location will provide tools and or bags for pick up (including reuse of donated plastic grocery bags in addition to bags supplied).
  • If possible the waste disposal will be located in a shaded area.

Trash and Recycling

  • Trash and recycling cans will be located throughout the park. There will be four trash and recycling cans in the large dog area and two in the small dog area. We will also explore the solar compactors used elsewhere in the town as finances become available.


  • Benches and picnic tables placed throughout the park on permeable hard scape.
  • Mock fire hydrants placed in strategic areas to control contamination.
  • Gazebo for shelter and relaxation (when funds are sufficient).
  • Kiosk at courtyard for shelter, bulletin board, and gathering.
  • Natural structures such as logs, boulders, and trees as well as large tires, culverts, etc. for the enjoyment of the dogs.
  • In the future a water feature (wading pool) and other items will be added.










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