CDA Meeting Minutes: 11/30/2012

Minutes Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

November 30, 2012 Friday, 7:00PM

Chelmsford Police Dept. Community Room, Chelmsford, Ma

Call to Order: 7:08 PM

Present:  Vivian, Eric, Danielle, Will, Beth B. Mary, Sandra, Bill, Donna, Deb, Lee, Rosie

Not Present: Bill B, Amy


*Finish nominations for 2013 Board of Directors and Officers, ballot voting-

*Deb withdrew her name from the board


*Current nominations

Vivian- President

Vice President – Mary

Clerk- Beth B

Treasurer – Sandra


Directors up for vote: Will, Fran, Danielle, Eric, Lee

Donna nominated Bill Cassidy for the board, Eric seconded


Motion to close nominations – Will  Seconded- Donna



President- Vivian

Vice President – Mary

Clerk- Beth B

Treasurer – Sandra


Board of Directors –

Danielle Corsino

Will Wagner

Eric Merrill

Lee Marchand

Bill Cassidy


Public Awareness Opportunities

-Rabies Clinic  December  1, dog pound 10-12.

-Acton Emergency Care Santa Shoot, Dec. 1st 12-3-Mary and Sandra will have a table.  Bill and Donna will drop by.

Sunday December 2nd 4-6 Holiday Prelude  Mary is taking pictures of Eric (Santa) with children etc.

Do we want to do anything for Winterfest?  (First weekend in February) Tabled till Eric can get more information



Do we want to do another flea market in the spring?   Vivian will talk to Country side.  Date TBD.


Treasurer’s Report (Rosie)

*Balance: as of 10/31

deposit after Craft Fair

Amy has unclaimed reimbursement coming to her

* Review and amendments

-Correct our filing from C4 to C3

-remove article 2 section a subsection 4 motion Will, Seconded Bill

-Motion to provisionally waive membership fees for fiscal year 2013 until our filing is accepted by the govt. Motion Will, seconded Lee

-change article 4 section referencing section 5 to reference article 5 of these bylaws

-change article 4 section B from” the secretary” to” the secretary or other officer”

-change article 4 section C from 4th week to 3rd or 4th week

-change article 4 section D from “secretary” to “secretary or other officer”

-change article 5 section A, from “secretary” to “secretary or other officer” and delete “or regular mail” change “before October 15th” to” at least 10 days prior to the date of the annual meeting and election” add email in front of address

-change article 4 section D from October 10th to November 1st

-change article 4 section F “shall appoint a committee of 3” to “a committee of up to 3”

-Article 7 section A co-secretary becomes secretary and 4 directors becomes 5 directors

-change article 7 section B to read one (1)

-change article 7 section D from 50% to 60%

-change article 7 section D after the word “quorum” and the meetings of the board of directors shall be held in conjunction with the membership meeting at least once per quarter

-change article 7 section I “co-secretary” becomes “secretary”

-remove the line “a director may be represented by counsel upon any removal hearing”

At the end of section J, add “a director may be removed with a 60% vote by the remaining board”

-Article 8 change officers

Change Beth B’s zip to 01863

-Section D change “co-secretary” to “secretary”

Bullet 1 add to the end “or in electronic format”

-Article 8 section B: remove the president’s ability to appoint committees

-motion to amend section 7 by Vivian, seconded by Bill

-Add section L “members of the board are required to attend a minimum of 6 scheduled meetings in any calendar year, 2 of which must be official board meetings”


*Adoption of conflict of interest policy: motion by Eric Will seconded – addendum A


Motion to approve the minutes of October 24, 2012 as presented/amended: Beth                                                                          Seconded: Bill


Old Business/New Business

-December Yankee Swap/meeting December 14 at the 110 Grill 6 PM.  $20 limit on yankee swap


Next Meeting Date:  Wednesday January 9th @ Police Station if possible

6)  Adjournment 8:47 PM  Motion:Will


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