CDA Meeting Minutes: 10/02/2013

Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

October 2, 2013 Wednesday, 7:00PM

Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd., Chelmsford, Ma

Call to Order: 7:00PM


*Roll Call:

Present: Beth B, Vivian, Danielle, Will, Bill C, Donna, Mary, Sandra, Erik


Not Present:


*Approval of Minutes August 20, 2013

Motion to approve the Minutes of August 20, 2013 as presented/amended: Will

Seconded by:  Bill C

Vote: unanimous


Reports of Committees:


-upcoming events:

Everyone’s welcome! The more, the merrier, see notes on supplies

                Steps for Pets-LHS-October 13-Danielle & Mary

                                Raffle prize-Vivian will drop off to Danielle’s

                Howl’ween-see notes after agenda

-Flatbread Pizza is hosting a fundraising event for us during the month of November.  We get $1.00 of every Sea Dog beer sold and all proceeds from their raffle –CDA will contribute a golf shirt, Beth and bill will donate a gift card for their raffle


                CCA Pet Film Festival-scheduled for October 17-19-the mural is hung in the library as promised.

                Chelmsford Holiday Prelude-December  1st  – We’ll do pictures again with Santa (Mary, Sandra, Erik)

                ACO’s Rabies Clinic-December 7th

Potential winter Event-Beth & Lisa-training session at Community education, Beth L & Bill A. may do a telemedia video

Tom Christiano, Politically Incorrect Show, filming on December  10th 4PM, Vivian Mary, Sandra & Charlie, with LHS and BCCC

Finished Events:

                -Farm Fair-thank you to Bill and Donna for the balloons

                -Antidote Painting Party- success!

                -GSRLNE Walk-n-wag-everyone who was able to go had a very great time. Having use of the kitchen building helped a lot. We passed our very first health department inspection with no issues.


        Reports of Officers:

                                Treasurer: Sandra

                                                Account balances, deposits and payments since last report without  3 deposits
                                               3 deposits of $from the painting party  $ from farm fair $ for GSR event

Erik made a motion to give GSR $100.00  Seconded by Danielle, motion passes, unanimous.


-Vivian will write off what she spent for the GSR event


                                                Payment Request: Trophies ($) Insurance Endorsement ($) Signs ($)

Sandra gave Vivian checks for the GSRLNE donation, the trophies and the insurance. Will is going to provide an invoice for signage to be reimbursed.


                                Website: Will

                                                -announce annual meeting & help wanted on the website

                                                -Will to reactivate PayPal account to accept donations

                                                -Will will make sure to have his Square at Howl’ween and will set it up for anyone who needs it


-Erik is not comfortable with Bill A.  having complete access to edit or add content to our website, our google calendar etc.  He thinks that Bill should have to have everything cleared through a board member first.  We should add an internet policy to our bylaws, which Will & Erik will begin to draft for the next meeting.  We will be reviewing the bylaws next month.



                                                -Dog Park Advisory Committee is appointed, please get sworn in by town clerk

                                                -schedule first Meeting of DPAC : Wednesday October 16th 7:00 PM

                                                -Mural hanging at Library-it is up. Story sign will be dropped off.

-Cultural Council Grant application for weatherproof mural frame for dog park-discussion-tabled

-hand out 503C approval letter-done. Discussion of allowed activities & who can coordinate-raffles have a two year waiting period, additional discussion tabled.

– brief Copyright discussion-Erik summarized his discussion with Tony Belissimo, and Will concurred with Tony’s opinion.  No organization is allowed to reference a copyright we do not legally have unless all the content is original and created by the organization. CDA does use content created by other people.


-$25.00 donated to LHS in memory of Tobi-Mary & Sandra thanked the Board for this gift.  


Old/Unfinished Business

                -work session to clear Parlee field for Howl’ween-see Howl’ween notes

                -advertising/signage at dog Park will be handled by DPAC

-follow up on brick walk or memorial wall fund raising activity-tabled until more planning is complete.


New Business

-Open nominations for Annual Elections

-Beth nominated Vivian for President, Erik Seconded

-Beth nominated Sandra for Treasurer, Will seconded

-Will nominated Beth for Secretary, Erik seconded

-Bill nominated himself for Vice President, Will seconded

-Will, Danielle nominated for the BOD


Next meeting date-Annual Meeting-November 13, CPD 7PM

Discussion: December meeting –Christmas party December 6th at Mary and Sandra’s:  Potluck, sign-up sheet at November’s  meeting

Social event at Flatbread during November, no date selected.



                -Anyone with a table or EZ up-please bring it

                 -programs, silent auction forms, judging forms


-Demos-Laurie Myers- victim’s advocate-coming to talk about courthouse dogs

– Shane anti-Bullying program *30 minutes each


-finalize programs, people’s choice ballots and door prize tickets

-contest emcee- Will

-dog water bowls, large water thermos-Merrill

-caution tape-have

-ziploc bags-have

-EZ up-2 Mary & Sandra,  any others?

-tables/chairs 3-Merrill, 1 Wagner, 1 Corsino, 1 Bukala-more?

-stove, propane, utensils-Merrill

-trash cans-2 Merrill, more? Recycling bin-Merrill

-ACO info-Erik may bring info to pass out

*motion to reimburse Erik for food safe course by Beth B

Seconded by Will (at a later date when we have more money) Motion carries unanimous.

Erik was not present at this time, Vivian thanked the Board on his behalf, as he was not expecting or requesting this.

 -status of advertising

                -ads run in Independent-1 article so far, maybe 1 more before the event, Action Unlimited-2 articles so far, Craig’s list, Facebook, website, Patch, Commonplace Chelmsford

                -distribute flyers-everyone, please!

                -vendor space is still available

                -Menu-same as W&W (change the meal deal so we’re not giving chips away)

                                                Hotdogs, burgers, sausage (charge $5.00 this time), Rolls

                                                Condiments, peppers onions

                                                Soda/water, coffee, tea, apple cider (1.00)         

                                                Chips ($1.00 this time)

-Make chili and chowder a game day decision, if weather is warm, they will not sell

-Will to bring an extra crockpot for cider

-Vivian talked to someone at Walgreens about donating Coke, she will pick up other flavors.  

 Coffee urn and coffee maker, Coffee supplies

                                Napkins, paper towels, silverware, plates, bowls-have plenty-Vivian will check Rosenbloom’s for paper boats for sausages

                Chafing dishes/foil pans, utensils, foil, sterno-maybe make cardboard wind screens to keep the sternos from blowing out

                 -cash boxes, small bills-Sandra

                -food permit-Merrill-done

lawn signs: Motion by Bill to order 6 signs from Staples

Seconded by Mary. Motion carries, unanimous. A invoice will be submitted for re-imbursement.

-finalize judges-Donna Parlee, Erik will ask Jill, possibly someone from CAH

-print forms-Vivian has done some-silent auction, email, contestant app & waivers, small signs for tables-Silent auction, coloring contest, Food menu, swag etc,

-vendor announcements for (DJ)

-print people’s choice ballots-merrill

-pens, tickets-merrill

-hand sanitizer-merrill

-rubber gloves-merrill

-gallons of water-merrill

-Fire extinguisher-Merrill

-$ can-merrill

-coloring contest forms, crayons, prizes-Merrill  P

-e-mail to finalize vendors for website

                -Generators-Erik & Will, extension cords, gas

                -Post event thank you’s to vendors & Parlee’s

                                Cert’s of appreciation for Judges

                -door prizes

                                Have some left from last year, will organize from existing stock-Merrill, Mary got some gift certificates

                -Silent auction items (rcvd to date)


Fall centerpiece

Especially for Pets-once Mary’s done shopping

                -McGruff-Do we want him? Need a volunteer-maybe a high school kid from DECCA

                -Michelle Manzelli is working on Dog Carnival Games-Will has a lot of the supplies needed – Check with Beth Logan for jumps

-Mary had an idea to get people excited to donate-set a clock and encourage people to help raise a certain amount-walk around with a plastic jack-o-lantern-needs a volunteer

-Mary had an idea to do another estimation jar-maybe a jar with dog treats and something for kids-we could sell guesses for .50

                -Donna and Bill will bring balloons

                -Do we need more donation boxes-Mary  & Sandra will make some more.

                -Vendors to Date:     German Shepherd Rescue

         Rub My Belly Massage

         Chelmsford Animal  Hospital


       Shane’s anti-bullying

      John Dowd/Sadie Awards is invited, will try

     “Welcome Dog” can only make the rain date

                                -work session at Parlee October 14th 2PM


       Motion to adjourn at 9:16 by Vivian, Seconded: Will

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