A Dog’s Eye View: Pests and Plants-It’s time!

In going through my e-mails today, I came across a newsletter from the website About.com about frugal living. It contained a list of plants that keep various pests away, and there were several links to making homemade flea treatments for pets, tips on keeping ants at bay, and how to make a fruit fly trap.  I’ve taken the liberty to condense it into a five page pdf, and downloaded the companion plant chart that came with as well. Hope you find it helpful as you do your Spring Flower and plant shopping! You can visit the About.com website and sign up for literally hundreds of free newsletters on about any topic under the sun.

Now it’s time to go play in the dirt.

Or feel free to share your own gardening and pest control tips


3 Responses to “A Dog’s Eye View: Pests and Plants-It’s time!

  • Anna Bucciarelli
    8 years ago

    Thank you for this Vivian … I have known a few of these and used them successfully, especially using vinegar for lots of uses, including killing weeds … no need for chemical applications, vinegar is (white) is also great for cleaning floors and windows and a bit in a small bowl, left carefully around the house, is also great for maintaining a sweet-smelling atmosphere. I also use vinegar in a basin of cold water and plunge my fresh fruit into it for a short period of time (careful, peaches will begin to shed their skins) to remove whatever toxins may be still on their surface.

    Me too … time to get filthy while digging in the dirt, what I wait for all winter long!

    PS … don’t forget your sunscreen, even tho the sun is not yet that strong, not only to prevent the dreaded disease, but to avoid more dark sunspots!!! The very bain of my existence … wish I could find a solution to ridding these, have tried all the fancy cosmetics that boast about getting rid of them, even lemon juice, but nothing works. Got any ideas? I’m thinking of trying peroxide next

    • Vivian Merrill
      8 years ago

      Gotta love the internet-where everything is for sale! LOL-I did a quick search, and after weeding out the ads, I came up with several options: dermatologist prescribed bleaching cream (because the over the counter stuff doesn’t work more often than not), several sessions of microdermabrasion at a day spa, or laser surgery (very expensive, and usually not covered by insurance). My guess is that peroxide might take longer than a bleaching cream-I really have no idea. My version of make-up in the morning consists of brushing my teeth. Maybe my hair if I remember. Thanks for the advice, Anna!

      • Anna Bucciarelli
        8 years ago

        Make-up? Me too … occasionally I too remember to comb, but generally I just wash and wear. I just hate these dalmation-looking spots. I do know from a visit to my derm-doc once that they can be frozen off with dry ice, believe it or not … he used this treatment to get rid of a wart once and the surrounding spots disappeared as well. But, now what? They are back!


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