“Scoop the Poop” Campaign

Most dog owners are responsible and carry bags to clean up after their dogs while on walks or in public spaces. Unfortunately, some are not…

The Chelmsford Dog Association is sponsoring a campaign which we are calling “Scoop the Poop”.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their canine friends.


Click the black and white image below to get a coloring page which can be turned in for the coloring contest at the Walgreen’s Dog Rally.












3 Responses to ““Scoop the Poop” Campaign

  • Wendy
    8 years ago

    We developed the It’s Your Doodie Bag for just this reason. People not only do not want to pick up the poop but they do not want to carry it. We have been working with dogs parks and other dog friendly recreation areas to bring awareness to this problem. People can contact us through our website if they are interested in help fundraising for their park. We are willing to donate a percentage of the sales to legitimate causes that promote waste pickup and responsible dog ownership. You can find us at http://www.itsyourdoodie.com or google us at It’s Your Doodie

    (admin edit – put in full link)

    • Will Wagner
      8 years ago

      Interesting design.
      Sorry I missed your booth at the Whisker Walk, I’d like to have looked at it closer.
      I assume the whole thing is washable? Because, although the “used” bag is waterproof, I can image it getting pretty ripe.
      (BTW: I added in the full link and altered the spam settings to allow it in the future – sorry about that)

      At the Whisker Walk, I did come across another concept/design to help folks carry that messy waste-bag… http://www.doggiedid.com/

      • Wendy
        8 years ago

        I would be happy to send you a sample of our product for your review. You can email me an address to send it to through the contact page on our website. We are also willing to donate products to be sold to raise money for dog parks and other dog friendly projects. Thank you for including the link.
        CEO and Founder


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