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Here are the Survey Results after almost two months, with 43 respondents.

43 Responses


Do you live in Chelmsford?
Yes 40 93%
No 3 7%
What is your Zip Code?
01863, 01824, 05065, 01879, 01876
Do you feel that building, supporting and / or maintaining a dog park is an appropriate use of town funds?
Yes 37 86%
No 5 12%
Do you currently visit Roberts Field for any of the following?
Friendship Park 18 60%
Baseball 10 33%
Soccer 1 3%
Ice skating 3 10%
Golf 0 0%
Walking 11 37%
Other 4 13%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What is your greatest concern about a dog park at Roberts Field?
No concerns 20 47%
Security 1 2%
Overuse 0 0%
Maintenance 2 5%
Parking 1 2%
Noise 0 0%
Animal vaccinations / disease 0 0%
Irresponsible dog owners not cleaning up after their dog 14 33%
Other 5 12%
How many dogs do you own?
None 4 9%
1 29 67%
2 8 19%
3 1 2%
4 or more 1 2%

As a dog owner, have you taken part in educational and/or professional dog training?
Yes 24 56%
No 3 7%
Do you currently socialize, or exercise your dog away from your home?
Yes 27 63%
No 2 5%
When exercising your dog outside your home, what is your choice of leash use?
Full-time off-leash 0 0%
Full-time on-leash 11 26%
Both on and off-leash 16 37%
Would you use a dog park located at Roberts Field?
Yes 29 67%
No 1 2%
I don’t know 0 0%
If yes, how many times per week would you visit a dog park at Roberts Field?
Less than once a week
Five times or more
0 –
Less than once a week
3 7%
1 6 14%
2 15 35%
3 3 7%
4 4 9%
5 –
Five times or more
3 7%
How many dogs would you plan to bring per visit?
Three or more
1 –
26 60%
2 9 21%
3 –
Three or more
0 0%
What would your primary method of transportation be to a dog park at Roberts Field?
Drive 37 86%
Walk 1 2%
What types of features would you like to see at a dog park at Roberts Field?
Artificial turf for no-muddy areas 8 22%
Sand box for dogs who like to dig 10 27%
Water feature for dogs to play in 20 54%
People / dog water fountain 20 54%
Shaded Areas 32 86%
Separate areas for large dogs and small dogs 13 35%
Permanent benches for people 30 81%
Restrooms 7 19%
Handicap accessible 5 14%
Shelters 2 5%
Natural landscaping 19 51%
Other 2 5%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Do you currently visit an area dog park?
Yes 15 35%
No 24 56%

Which park(s) do you visit?
Lowell Unleashed 7 50%
Derry, NH 2 14%
Acton State Forest 5 36%
Other 5 36%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
On average, how often do you visit a dog park with your dog(s)?
Less than once a week
Five or more times a week
0 –
Less than once a week
5 12%
1 4 9%
2 4 9%
3 0 0%
4 0 0%
5 –
Five or more times a week
1 2%
What days of the week do you prefer to visit a dog park?
Weekends Only 6 14%
Weekdays Only 0 0%
Both weekdays and weekends 9 21%
What time of day do you typically visit a dog park?
Early morning 6 40%
Mid Day 8 53%
Early Afternoon 3 20%
Late Afternoon 6 40%
Evening 3 20%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
When visiting a dog park, identify your role and/or relationship with the dog(s) you bring.
Dog Owner 15 35%
Dog Owner and Dog Sitter 0 0%
Professional Dog Services (Walker/Sitter) 0 0%
Dog Trainer 0 0%
Other 28 65%
How many dogs do you usually bring per visit?
Three or more
1 –
11 26%
2 4 9%
3 –
Three or more
0 0%
When you visit a dog park, do you take children under the age of 13?
Yes 6 14%
No 8 19%
Sometimes 1 2%
Identify the reasons you visit a dog park?
Close to home 7 47%
Close to work 0 0%
Well maintained 5 33%
Socialize with other dog owners 8 53%
Exercise my dog(s) 14 93%
Train my dog(s) 2 13%
Socialize my dog(s) 14 93%
Personal fitness 0 0%
Other 1 7%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Would you like to be contacted about helping to build the dog park at Roberts Field?
Yes 21 49%
No 22 51%
Would you like to receive updates about the dog park at Roberts Field?
Yes 28 65%
No 15 35%
Do you have any comments or thoughts to share?

I used to live in albuquerque, nm and took my dogs to an off-leash park all the time. I would love to have this kind of outlet for my dogs again.

Waste recepticals that supply poop bags would be helpful. Two designated area for dogs (large,small) will put owners worries at ease. Vaccination requirement is a must also age limitations. Puppies before 16 weeks can be questionable.

Would love to see a park.

so EXCITED!!!!

A dog park anywhere should work as long as people are willing to follow the posted rules, and are honest with themselves about whether their dog can handle being in a dog park.

Love the idea of a dog park. We used to visit one frequently near our house in Maryland!

I think its great that Chelmsford will potentially have a dog park. As long as people can control their dogs, it will be a huge hit. I’m currently recovering from Leukemia, so I haven’t been able to go to any of the meetings, but as soon as I’m able, I’d love to help out in anyway. Please continue to keep me posted.

Excited at the idea of a dog park in Chelmsford. I currently take our dog to Lowell all the time and have a great expierence there. Would be great for the community to have one in our town.

Lighting, this is important in the winter as it gets dark early.

I am anxiously awaiting the Chelmsford Dog Park and I hope you allow children to be able to use it to play with their dogs off leash (and allow the dogs to play with their children off leash). We learned the hard way that the Lowell Dog Park does not allow children under 14. One thing I do wish is that the dog park was closer to the parking like the Lowell Dog Park is. My puppy is STILL learning to walk on leash without pulilng. I really don’t think you need anything fancy, just some benches, the dog owners could bring their own water.

Not sure how many permanent features are needed at the park aside from benches for owners. My dog is happy just running around with other dogs! While I think the sand box is a neat idea, neighborhood cats roaming at night will too if you get my meaning.

Here’s hoping we get a dog park!!! It’s about time.

I have a Greyhound and they cannot be let off lead unless it is totally enclosed or they tend to keep running. So I would like a gated play area, at least some of it, even just like a track for off lead safe running. I think a couple sections would be good in case there are dominant dogs who have conflicts, they can go to different sections, instead of just having to be leashed, or leave.

A dog park would be an amazing thing, giving dogs space to run and socialize.

“I think having a dog park in Chelmsford is a wonderful idea. I don’t know of many areas near Town where dogs can run and play. I would love to see the area fenced in so the dogs visiting the park can run around safely.
Thanks for offering this survey, I hope it brings us closer to having a dog park in Chelmsford.”

I don’t think it needs to be a fancy dog park, but it would be nice to have two areas one for big dogs and one for little dogs.

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