New site plans…

The CDA Board members walked through the DPW lot on Richardson Road, last night, with Paul Cohen. There is still a lot of planning and work to be done, but the site looks good for our plans, and Paul is confident that the DPW will be moved out next year.


The previous post had the town’s wetlands survey map (provided to us by Paul). Attached here is a shot from Google Maps, with a rough sketch of the area we’d like to use. (apologizes for the drawing, my mouse skills are not professional grade when it comes to graphics).


Our next move is to get a better, current scan of the site, review it with the various commissions and committees in town and have the DPW start clearing some of the debris (left over from various diggings around town) and make a more professional plan of the potential site.

Rough sketch of Dog Park area

This is a rough sketch of the area which we walked through the other evening.

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