CDA Meeting Minutes: 05/30/2012

Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

May 30, 2012 Monday, 7:00PM

Chelmsford Police Dept. Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford

Call to Order: 7:07PM

Present:  Vivian, Eric, Fran, Frankie, Will, Beth, Bill, Danielle, Sarah, Paul Cohen, Deb

Not Present:  Rosie,



Discussion with Town Manager Paul Cohen regarding the redevelopment of a portion of 54 Richardson Rd. as a potential Dog Park location

*Paul is committed to a dog park – biggest concern is safety – in a well visible area

-what we’ve been struggling with is difficult pieces of land: taken, too remote etc

-the closest we’ve come is Robert’s field – neighborhood trouble

-By next spring, less than a year from now, DPW will be relocated to Alpha road- Richardson Rd is a viable location

-The town owns 30 acres off of Richardson Rd – a couple of things will be happening there in the future – mining sand, vehicle maintenance operations etc.

-South East corner of site is wetlands

-10.5 acre area is left – we could put in a parking area right off of the road, then a fenced in area for a dog park – we could discuss planting trees for shade if we wanted

-How much area do we need?  He thinks we can get this going without an exorbitant amount of money.  He thinks we could get this going in the spring

-This is the target site.  He’s open to discuss other land but this wouldn’t have much if any push-back

-He hasn’t discussed this area with any other organization – there may be composting there but that shouldn’t affect us

-How about the water district? They shouldn’t have any concerns

-Paul can’t envision any better site for a dog park

-Paul said in the forseeable future, he can’t see anything going here

-Vivian would like to see 2+ acres

-Paul – That’s a lot of land.  How many parking spaces do you need?  18-20 spaces

-Paul – maybe we want to start smaller and then expand with popularity.  There is space to expand. The bigger the park the more start up costs.

-Vivian –is it possible to block off land for us to expand into?

-Fran – Is there a water hook-up?  Probably with the DPW and the buildings on the site.

-There is a pumping station near by

-How do we design it so it’s viable and attractive?

-The selectmen are for a dog park so he doesn’t think we’ll have any opposition

-Will- could we set up a walk through?  Yes, some Saturday morning when the crews are out working on a project.

-Have to sit with architect and draw up plans – that will help us to price out the park and start working on sponsors and grants

-Vivian – do you think a good marketing plan would be going at this from a redevelopment angle?

-Paul- I don’t like to restrict access, open to everyone

-Discussion about self policing, responsible use, and getting the community invested so they take care of it

-Next steps- set up a site walk, June 13th 6PM

-Start thinking about what we want the park to look like and have in it

-Talk to the water district and ask what concerns they have




Public Awareness Opportunities

-Walgreens Dog Rally-June 9

We have about 9 vendors

-hopefully Walgreens will take care of the signs

-Ask Barbara Rennison to put together baskets


Things we have/still need:

Tables-1 Merrill, 2 Wagner (and chairs), 1 Danielle, 1 Bukala

Plastic table cloths-have 1, need 3 or 4 more

E-Z up-Merrill,

Small change/money box-Merrill

CDA Supply Bucket-Merrill

Walgreens to put together baskets/giveaways

T-Shirts-Bukala-we need more large, XL, and XXL sizes to be printed-future work session-determine date-after dog rally is OK

-kickoff the “scoop the poop” campaign                -coloring contest-have the OK to distribute coloring pages in three Walgreens stores in Lowell, Chelmsford and Westford. Merrill to pick up prizes. (have to date: 2 art kits, to get: gift certificates, t-shirts?)

-Will to get coloring page to Vivian tomorrow

-Walgreens will provide hotdogs, soda and chips, if Jimmy’s will donate, we’ll do pizza too (customers will be charged this year).

-CDA staffed events so far: face painting,  temporary tattoos, nail painting,

Poopscoop kickoff, SWAG, silent auction, raffle prizes, what supplies do we need?

-face paints (Bukala)

-temp. tattoos (Bukala)


-nail polishes and remover (R. Marchand)

-extra coloring pages and crayons for more entries

-Coloring contest judges – does anyone know anyone who wants to be a judge? Frankie, Danielle,

-paper towels, old rags (Merrill)


-review offer from Sheri P. regarding purchasing a Plinko game for $75.00 – what do we think?  Will said the cheapest he found it elsewhere was $150.00

Motion to buy game – Will


Motion passes unanimously

-follow up on prior ideas:

-July 4-parade application done-car-Mafia Theme – Vivian did write up

-need appropriate hats, suit jackets, Italian flags and toy guns – Ethan has toy guns we can borrow

-Italian music – soprano theme song or godfather music

-work session for dog bone ribbon tying-start tonight

-July 3 on the Common-$85.00 fee for 10X10 space-not sure if there’s still space available but Vivian will check

-Beth and Danielle to take first shift, Bill and Will will come later

-Beth and Bill to cover during the parade

-Decorate car – tentatively on Sunday

-Danielle-working on vests, bandannas, etc. – She has 3 prototypes: regular tie, seam for collar, Velcro

-Going to get solid fabric so the logo will show up better


*Vivian has a message out to Sue Gates, probably won’t hook up with her till after the 4th

Oak Hill Study Committee Invitation

Letter was sent to Beth Logan on May 24

Treasurer’s Report (Rosie)

-Paypal donations-two are pending, p/w issues need to be resolved.

-Flea Market receipts- deposited May 24 from vendors

Approve Meeting Minutes-April 30, 2012


Motion to approve the minutes of April 30, 2012 as presented/amended: Will                                                                   Seconded:  Eric

opposed? No one


4)      Old Business/New Business:  Add e-mail to distribution list:

-Next meeting date- June 27th 7PM location TBD

7)  Adjournment Motion:Fran

Second: Bill  8:53 PM

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