A Dog’s Eye View: What to Do With All This Stuff

A Dogs Eye View - Cat and Duster

This is not another article on how to do Spring Cleaning. When it comes to being organized, my picture is not seen holding a featherduster, and I am most likely not smiling. I might be talking to myself, though. Really loud. Photographs do such injustice to people while they’re talking.

Not much lowers one’s presumed IQ faster than seeing a photo with one’s eye’s bulging out and their mouth in strange contortions. Tilt the head about 15-25 degrees, and you’ve been converted into a complete idiot with more than a few “issues”. Next time I’ll just position the featherduster to cover all of the face except the eyes. Yes, that’ll be attractive.

But back to the purpose of this story. You’re looking around your house because you’ve just vacuumed and that’s about as far as this Spring Cleaning Project is gonna get today. Where did all this stuff come from? Who put it here? This is akin to asking: Who are these kids, and why are they calling me “Mom”?

In my house, it’s all the dogs’ fault this place is such a mess. I have no idea how this could have happened, since no one else was home all day. But now that the stuff is here, and no one else is claiming it, you might as well sell it, and buy something you really want. Like a gallon of ice cream, or a bottle of cheap wine.

Fortunately, The Chelmsford Dog Association is coming to your rescue. On May 19, you can load up you car or neighbor’s truck and bring it to Countryside Veterinary Hospital on Rt 110 at 8AM, and sell this stuff at their Spring Flea Market. You can join forces with your friends and share a space if you’d like. Spaces are a $25.00 donation to the CDA. If you make a hundred or two bucks that day-Good for you! That’s a lot a well deserved ice cream. Or wine.

The Flea Market will run from 9AM to 1PM around the office building next to the hospital. DJ Hendo Solo will be providing entertainment, and the CDA will have hotdog lunches for sale. Who knows what you will find there. An application and flyer have been attached for convenience, or if you need more information, please feel free to comment here or e-mail the CDA at cda@chelmsforddogassociation.org.

Just as a warning-all unsold stuff must be taken away with you-there are various organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters or CTI that will pick it up from your home the week after the sale. These CDA people have dogs, and they know how to use them. hehehhehe….

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