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Tonight we held our first public input session on the proposed dog park at Roberts Field. Our diligent secretary is preparing the notes from the meeting, which I will post shortly.

We had some good input, both from folks who are concerned and folks who are enthusiastic about the thought of the park.

Let me assure everyone that we are not rushing into this. We are still in the information gathering phase and still working on the actual proposal.

Some quick points to address, while we’re waiting for the actual minutes…

We do not plan to “clear cut” the wooded section. Our intention is to clear out some of the invasive species and the underbrush but to leave many of the trees and the terrain.

We will not (and can not, legally) disrupt the section that is wetlands.

We plan to leave several of the paths in place.

We are interested in your input. We will hold another Public Input session, sometime in the future (the date is still TBD). In the mean time, please feel free to leave comments and express your interest and/or concerns here on our website. The comments ARE read by the CDA board members.

–Will Wagner (webmaster)

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