A Dog’s Eye View: Oh, look! Dog Poop….

A Dog's Eye View: Oh, look! Dog Poop....

Depending on the moment, you can insert the tone and inflection of your voice for the title of this masterpiece in multiple ways-annoyance, surprise, fascination-whatever works for you.

Most responsible dog owners already pick up after their dogs and dispose of it in their trash. Then there are those who do not. There are also those who will put the poop in a bag and leave the bag very close to the scene of the crime. In the spirit of compromise, I guess the third scenario is better than listening to the foul language that escapes the lips when one steps, rolls or falls into “the-substance-which-is-not-dirt-grass-pavement-or-broken-glass.”

While looking around for how to write about dog poop, I came across websites that advertise photos and videos of dog poop (eww…), as well as a book by Kirk Weisler called “The Dog Poop Initiative.” There are all kinds of “green” ways to get rid of your poop-bio-degradable bags, flushable bags, pet waste disposal systems, enzymes, worm farming and composting. For the folks that don’t get out much, you can get a “Pet-a-potty”, which is an indoor box system with real sod and grass you can grow, so you can train your dog to go to town on it. For those of us that are doing well in the stock market, you can hire a company to come to your house and pick it up for you.

Poop technology at our house is not very advanced. It occassionally involves a shovel, but only when we’re having guests outside. Since I don’t encourage people or wildlife to enter my yard when I’m not home, it acts as a wonderful deterrant to everybody but the rabbits.  Ever wonder why a dog is magnetically attracted to smelling another dog’s poop? They’re trying to figure out who’s been in their territory. Wild animals do the same thing. Poop is  the closest natural alternative to a business card or a telemarketing call in the animal kingdom. An animal can figure out a lot of information from a pile of poop.

When we are not on our property, we always have a bag with us. E-coli, roundworms, giardia and salmonella absolutely love living in dog poop-none of which are good for us or our dogs. Plus, allowing your dog to go anywhere the urge hits and not do anything about is just plain rude. Many towns and cities now have ordinances that make leaving your dog’s poop in a public place a finable offense.  In this age of technology-someone’s cell phone with picture taking ability is all one needs to catch you and your dog in the act. Let’s don’t give anyone any ideas…

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