The park is currently: OPEN 

Event: Recognizing Dog Behavior, April 22

The Chelmsford Dog Association is pleased to announce the first presentation in what we hope will be a continuing series of educational speakers!
.Join us with Marjie Alonso, Executive Director of IAABC for a presentation and a discussion on dog behavior and body language, with a focus on, but not restricted to, dogs at the dog park.

Looking Forward to Spring!

Well, we just had another March snow storm, and by now, most of us are so done with winter.So, let's look forward to the spring and start planning for the things that need to happen (and things that we want to happen).
Yes, this is an EXTENSIVE list of things to get done and. as usual, we'll continue to hold the work parties. However, this list is more than can be accomplished during a single work party, even  if we had 50 volunteers.

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Chelmsford Dog Association is a non-profit organization made up of residents from Chelmsford and surrounding communities formed to support the maintenance of the off-leash dog park in Chelmsford and to promote responsible pet ownership.