New Survey for Massachusetts Dog Parks: Usage, Perceived Benefits and Successes

In 2017-2018, a version of this survey was conducted specifically for the Chelmsford Dog Park. The information gathered was beneficial toward guiding the goals of the CDA in the development of the Chelsmford Dog Park.
We're now re-running the survey to gather results from a wider audience and for a number of different town dog parks in the state. We are interested in finding out about your perceptions of your local dog park and other area dog parks.

Phase III Bricks

Brick orders for addition to the Chelmsford Dog Park at Richardson Rd.
We will be collecting orders through the end of MAY, 2020 and placing the overall order at that time.
The deadline for ordering has been EXTENDED to the end of JUNE
due to complications with the order form on the Polar Engraving website
which prevented some people from placing orders last year and the park closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dog Park has Reopened

As noted in the previous message from DPAC, the Chelmsford Board of Health has allowed the Chelmsford Dog Park to reopen.

Of course, STAYING open requires people to follow the guidelines and practice safe social distancing.

Park Reopening Update

As communicated by the Chelmsford Board of Health, through the Dog Park Advisory Committee, the Chelmsford Dog Park will be opening soon.
Please read the contents of the communications here (Click "Read More") or on the DPAC Facebook page.

New Dogs in Quarantine

Stay-home orders have been a catalyst for pet adoptions. This is a great for all the homeless pets, but there are some challenges, especially for dog adopters. When getting a new dog, care needs to be taken to introduce the dog to the family, socialize the dog with other dogs and new situations, and train the dog. While the introduction to the family is easy during quarantine, the other needs pose some serious challenges. Additionally, adopters need to plan for changing their routine from a stay-home pattern to whatever the new normal becomes.

Cars, Coffee & Canines

On June 27 (Raindate, June 28), from 10am to 2pm, the Chelmsford Dog Association will be partnering with Savage Camaros Car Club and Black Flag Photo Works to host a fun event at the Chelmsford Dog Park as a fundraiser for the Lowell Humane Society.

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