A Dog’s Eye View

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A Dog’s Eye View is a series of blogs from Vivian, the president of the Chelmsford Dog Association.  She writes these as a blogger on the Chelmsford Patch site and we are cross-posting here.

A Dog's Eye View: The Perfect Dog Park

A Dog’s Eye View: The Perfect Dog Park

After seeing all the great enthusiastic responses to the “What’s Your Dog’s Name?” poll, and after spending weeks poring over web articles about designing and defending Dog Parks in general, it occurred to me there is a very dedicated dog audience on Patch, that stretches across many towns!
The Chelmsford Dog Association folks have been working on getting a Dog Park for Chelmsford for over two years now. So where’s the Dog Park in Chelmsford? Believe it or not, we’re narrowing in on it. Continue reading

A Dog's Eye View: Resources for Lost Animals

A Dog’s Eye View: Resources for Lost Animals

You are a kind soul, and you have offered to take care of a friend or family member’s cat, dog, rabbit, bird, or snake while they go away on business or vacation. You have met your ward on a few occasions, or this could be the first time you’ve done this. Either way, you and the pet do [Read More]

A Dog's Eye View Looks at Dog Scouting

A Dog’s Eye View Looks at Dog Scouting

I received an e-mail from a man named Jim Helms yesterday, and one of his titles was “Dog Scoutmaster, Troop 211″. I’ve asked him if he can come to the Chelmsford Dog Association’s Howl’ween show this October, and I’m awaiting his reply. In the meantime, I looked up just what Dog Scouting is, and it’s [Read More]

A Dog's Eye View: Dog Fights and Dog Bites - What to Do?

A Dog’s Eye View: Dog Fights and Dog Bites – What to Do?

This is an area where size doesn’t matter. Any dog of any size can bite, and rest assured, it’s gonna hurt. Now what do you do? If you are the one that has been bitten, you want to clean and cover the wound, and call a doctor. If you are not sure that the dog that bit you is [Read More]

A Dog's Eye View: Let's Go Camping

A Dog’s Eye View: Let’s Go Camping

Several weekends ago we went camping in Maine, with all four of our dogs, a tent, and a trailer full of canoes. All of our gear, including the dogs’ crates fit nicely in the back of our truck, which has 2 windows between the cap on the bed and the cab. We purchased an inflatable [Read More]

A Dog's Eye View: Pests and Plants-It's time!

A Dog’s Eye View: Pests and Plants-It’s time!

A guide to plants that control pests, and flea and ant control tricks. Continue reading

A Dog's Eye View: What's up with the Chelmsford Dog Park?

A Dog’s Eye View: What’s up with the Chelmsford Dog Park?

Please thank Anna B. for getting me off my butt to tend to my blog. There are many things happening around Town (as always). Some days I feel like a squirrel and all the nuts are across the busy street.

But back to Anna’s inquiry…”so how’s the Dog Park Plan coming?”

After four years of looking at multiple sites all over Town, I am happy to report that at this spring’s Town Meeting, Warrant Article 23 will seek to designate a two acre area of 54 Richardson Rd. for use as a Dog Park. Continue reading

A Dog's Eye View: The latest in Local Dog News

A Dog’s Eye View: The latest in Local Dog News

In spite of Mother Nature’s latest shenanigans, the Chelmsford Dog Association is preparing for Spring.

First up, is the Chelmsford Spring Town Meeting, which starts on April 29. The Spring Town Meeting Warrant is now signed by the Board of Selectmen. Article 23 will designate an area of 54 Richardson Rd to be used as a dog park. Article 29 will allow off-leash dogs in an area designated by the Town. The Chelmsford Dog Association is asking supporters for a dog park in Chelmsford to let their Town Meeting Representatives know that having a public dog park is a desired project, and to ask them to vote in favor of these two articles. Once these steps are complete, the group can finally work on building the park. They’ll be asking for lots of help then. Thanks to all of you for getting the word out. Please feel free to ask questions-if I don’t know, I’ll find out! Thank you-on behalf of the Chelmsford Dog Association. Continue reading

A Dog's Eye View looks at: The Dog Days of Summer

A Dog’s Eye View looks at: The Dog Days of Summer

Several weeks ago (yes, the end of July), I went out feed the rabbits and I noticed one of them had started to shed his summer coat. This usually happens around now (the middle to the end of August), so I was surprised to see this starting so early. About a week after that, I noticed the huskies were starting to plop their summer tufts, and the goose has started his semi-annual molt early as well. I’ve noticed an inordinate amount of leaves on the ground, but I’ll just blame that on the torrential rain we’ve had recently. Fall is in the air. Already? It’s eighty degrees out! Continue reading

A Dog's Eye View: A Plethora of Information for You

A Dog’s Eye View: A Plethora of Information for You

I’ve spent the last two weeks making notes on various things I could write about and it looks something like this:

Why don’t squirrels get rabies, what is mange, how can I attend the CDA Flea Market at Countryside Vet Hospital this weekend and still grab a burger at the Military Community Covenant Barbeque at Agway happening at the same time. What the devil happened to my keys this time? What’s up with the yellow chain gate at Agway? Where did my money go? Isn’t there a chocolate cat event on the 18th? Look up moose migration patterns. Pay car insurance. Continue reading