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Jail Time

Written By: on October 2, 2015

A Dogs Eye View: Some of Our Dogs Have Done Jail Time.
And for this reason, I’ve chosen to protect their true identity by using photo renderings of them. The irony is, the photos still show off their real personalities. Continue reading

A Dog’s Eye View: Relaunched!

Written By: on September 26, 2015

It’s been about three years since I’ve written an article for this series. It’s time I got going again. Our dogs have done countless numbers of noteworthy things that must be chronicled, lest their memory fade away to nothing. Not to mention the exploits of all the other critters that willingly hang out with us. Continue reading

Sponsorship Opportunities (updated)

Written By: on September 19, 2015

Many thanks to the Westford Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center, LLC who has agreed to sponsor the pavilion. We still have a whole list of opportunities for people and businesses to donate/sponsor at the Dog Park! Continue reading

Dog Day(s) of Summer

Written By: on August 27, 2015

Fred Merriam and the Chelmsford Telemedia quad-copter made a special run down to the dog park construction site yesterday to celebrate National Dog Day. They put together this very nice, 10 minute video showing the park progress and current view from the drone. Continue reading

Dog Park Construction Update (August 7)

Written By: on August 7, 2015

Chelmsford Telemedia has apparently acquired a drone, and has posted a flyover video.
Fred Merriam has also been taking a series of photos each week, documenting the construction progress of the park.
Many thanks to ALL of the folks who have worked (and continue to work) to make the park a reality! Continue reading