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Dog Days of Summer

Written By: on July 19, 2015

Posted In: Brutus’ Blog

Baroo! Man, it’s hot today!! Don’t forget to keep those paws on the grass and off the hot black pavement when taking a walk outside! Mommy Daddy and I went on Vacation to the White Mountains in NH. We rented… Continue Reading››

New Look!

Written By: on July 7, 2015

Posted In: Blog Post

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July and had a chance to stop by the Chelmsford Dog Association booth at the Chelmsford Country Fair in the Center!
Although we did not march with a float in the parade this year, our loyal members were present and I’ll be posting some pictures that they took soon.
In the mean time, you might have noticed – We have a new look for the site, to go along with the work that has started on the Dog Park! Continue reading


Written By: on July 3, 2015

Posted In: Brutus’ Blog

OK, here’s my exciting news I wanted to share! Construction on the Chelmsford Dog Park has begun! WOOOOF! Check out more pictures of construction progress! click —> HERE   -Brutus

Summer Updates from Brutus

Written By: on July 2, 2015

Posted In: Brutus’ Blog

Hello adoring fans! Baroo! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather! So far my Summer has been great! Mama works at a school, so she is home a lot in the summertime, and Nana too! I… Continue Reading››

Demos at the Dog Rally

Written By: on April 9, 2015

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Some people have asked us hat sort of things are considered appropriate for the demonstration space at the Dog Rally (coming up on May 30, from 10-2 at Walgreens in Chelmsford).
While we’d LOVE to see something dog-related, that is not a requirement. Almost anything CAN be demonstrated, and, if you are interested in showing off some skill (and discussing it) or have a “public interest” presentation, we’d love to hear from you – even if it’s not specifically dog related. The Chelmsford Dog Association is always interested in helping to promote other local groups and activities. Continue reading

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