Jul 022015
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Hello adoring fans! Baroo! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather!

So far my Summer has been great! Mama works at a school, so she is home a lot in the summertime, and Nana too! I love to spend time with Nana and Patrice.

Here we are at my place hanging out and patrolling for trouble!


IMG_1849I was in a car accident with Mommy and Daddy last week. We hit a deer on the highway on the way up to Maine. It was so scary! Everyone was unharmed…except the deer…Mommy says he went to heaven. I had my doggie seatbelt on and it’s a good thing!!

Mommy and Daddy’s car was totaled- so we have to get a new car. I want them to get an SUV for me to have lots of room!

Here we are in Maine. I love love love going to Grammy and Papa’s lake in Maine!



ziXe8rR7TI had my first experience with a “hotspot” this summer. Mommy says it’s a skin irritation. I had to go on antibiotics and other medications. Not fun, although Mommy lets me wash down the medicine with cheese! MMM…YUM! Thank you to my doctor’s at Chelmsford Animal Hospital for taking such good care of me!

Here I am cuddling with Mommy. I like to put my chin on her back, but every time I do Mommy laughs because it tickles! I keep laying there anyway!


That’s all for now folks. But I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you soon! Check back to find out what it is!!


Woof Woof!



Apr 092015
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Some people have asked us hat sort of things are considered appropriate for the demonstration space at the Dog Rally (coming up on May 30, from 10-2 at Walgreens in Chelmsford).

Well, there’s a fairly simple answer to that!

While we’d LOVE to see something dog-related, that is not a requirement. Almost anything CAN be demonstrated, and, if you are interested in showing off some skill (and discussing it) or have a “public interest” presentation, we’d love to hear from you – even if it’s not specifically dog related. The Chelmsford Dog Association is always interested in helping to promote other local groups and activities.

For example, Shane’s Anti-Bully group has come and put on dance presentations at several events.

Additionally, last year, Jenn Winiarz came to the Dog Rally with a friend to do a flow-wanding demo.
This year she is coming back again (and we look forward to seeing her routine and having her show us more about flow-wanding!)
To pique your interest,  here is a video of one of her performances (levi-wand and hoop):

posted with permission of the artist

Apr 082015
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So a couple of weeks ago Mommy and I were on our afternoon walk. Snow had been melting but there was still ice on the ground.  We came across a big puddle right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was BIG…no really…like 6 inches deep! Mommy went walking right through it, so I thought it was safe too… but it wasn’t!! There was ice on the sidewalk underneath the water. Mommy didn’t tell me! I slipped and face planted right into the puddle. My belly, chin, and face were soaked!!! Mommy didn’t get any pictures though because she was so worried about it. I sneezed for 30 minutes after that because I got water up my nose. No fun.


I am better now though and can’t wait for SPRING! When is it going to come??? Mommy says it should be here already, but it doesn’t feel like it most days. I’m so sad. I want to hike with Daddy and be outside and chase bugs!



Mommy wants spring to come too, but isn’t looking forward to ticks! Mommy hates ticks, they are her worst enemy!


In other news, I had been a very very good boy for a long time. No chewing on chords, or digging in the dirt, tearing the house apart etc. But I couldn’t help myself, I just had the urge to be bad! So I stole Mommy’s cups for her kids at school. She actually brought them home by accident as they got mixed up with other bags she brought home. She was going to bring them back to the school the next day…. She wasn’t lying when she said “My dog ate the cups!”


Dog Rally News

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Apr 012015
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Dog Rally News…

Dog Models Wanted for the First Dog Pageant being held during the Fifth Annual Walgreens Dog Rally on Saturday, May 30, from 10AM-2PM, at Walgreens on 86 Chelmsford St. in Chelmsford. There will be categories for Fashion and Talent, and you may enter into both. (Download the Pageant Application)

Contestants will be competing for prizes, so if you’d like to donate something we can use toward one of the prizes or a raffle item, please contact Vivian at cda@chelmsforddogassociation.org.

For those who just want to watch the festivities, bring a chair or blanket, and Brian Henderson will be on hand to entertain us with his many songs and keep us in line with announcements. Brian has been a long time supporter of CDA events, and we sincerely appreciate his talents.

Vendor space is still available for a $25 donation and item for our raffle. Please e-mail at the same address for an application with more details.

If you’d like to do a demonstration, we have room for you, too.

Jenn Winiarz will be back again this year to show off her Flow Wanding skills… how is that dog related you say? The wands and hoops have lots of lights in them, and they are fascinating to watch for both dogs and people.

See? Lots of things can be made dog-friendly! What do you want to do?

Walgreens will have a grilled hotdogs, chips, water and soda available for purchase.
If catering is more to your liking-we can expand the menu.
Please let us know your ideas for when we pull the food permit. Serv-safe certification is required for most food operations.

Our new coloring contest entry is available in the Dog Rally announcement. This contest is open to kids up to 12 years old.
We have prizes in 4 age categories. The 10-12 crowd gets extra-credit for creating a background to this year’s picture.

All proceeds from the rally benefit the Chelmsford Dog Association in our work with the Town of Chelmsford to build and maintain the public Dog Park at 54 Richardson Rd.

The Dog Rally is open to everyone, so please join us!