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Sep 112014
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Dining To Donate

Enjoy A Meal That’s Filling and Fulfilling.

Chelmsford Dog Association

Needs Your Support
Applebee’s® will donate 15% of your check when you dine at

50 Drum Hill Rd
North Chelmsford, MA 01863
(978) 452-2546

Print and Present the attached flyer to your server on

November 6, 2014 from 4PM – 9PM

Applebee's Community Connections

Donation percentage excludes tax and tip.
Valid ONLY at above mentioned location during the specified hours.
Must present flyer in order for organization to receive credit for the purchase



May 282014
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Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

April 30, 2014 Wednesday, 6:30PM

Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford

*Call to order 6:34

*Roll Call

Present: Mary, Vivian, Danielle, Beth B., Mindy, Beth L., Erik, Will, Sarah, Mindy


Not Present: Bill C., Donna C.


*Approval of Minutes March 25, 2014

Motion to approve the Minutes of March 25, 2014 as presented/amended: Will

Seconded by: Danielle

Vote: Unanimous


*Reports of Committees:


-May 3- Jones Farm table 10-2-The plan will be displayed, info about the rally, training on the common

Review plan feedback form-We like it-allows the public to feel involved

-May 4-Steps for Pets-4-H Fairground, vendor set up at 8:30, we don’t need to be there till 10:30, review

Rewards Program form-Beth Logan made a small edit-the groups likes the idea and the flyer

-May 31-Yard Sale-donations are coming in!

-advertising and promotion-will need help printing and circulating flyers

-help with getting donations to sell, yard signs (work session?)

-PSA is on the BOS agenda for 5/12-Will will try to go

-May 10-Walgreens Dog Rally 10-3-Sandra thinks it’s a good idea to create a walk time where all walkers go out with their dogs together, this may not happen this year due to the number of demos. Something to consider next year.

– Walk-A-Thon permit requested.

-Review Gift Cert forms-We want to change the amounts to $30, $20, and $10

-let’s do a 50/50 at the rally-need different colored tickets

-New coloring contest-has 2 new pictures, prizes all set

-Have 2 gift cards to date, need basket stuffers-if you have anything, please get it to Vivian as soon as you can.

-have 5 demos, and 9 other vendors to date,

-Walgreens is doing food, banner and photos

-no confirmed walkers to date-please spread the word

-Mary made a suggestion to move the demos closer to the speakers, or move the speakers so people can hear better, we will move our tables near the entrance along Chelmsford St.

*Schwan’s Fundraiser to kickoff here-Vivian will print color copies

-telemedia slides on this and training

-Summer Training on the Common-Flyers are ready-please spread the word-If anyone wants to tape the sessions, Will will put them on YouTube

-July country fair application submitted, review voucher forms draft, plinko prize discussion-Beth B thinks we should concentrate on prizes geared at kids, we’re going to go with $1.00 a chance, we want make the prizes worth tickets so that kids can save up their tickets and trade them for a prize

-July 4 parade float-application write up suggestions




*Space theme


Will made a motion to vote on the under construction theme

Seconded: Beth

Vote: Unanimous


Finished Events:

-still waiting on Margaritas check

* Reports of Officers:

Treasurer: -P. Gino’s deposit, Permit check, $15.00, C-fair-$85.00

Current balance: $

Sandra will work on getting online access

*Website: Will – Will has updated the website so that each month’s events are highlighted at the top of the page, Will and Sandra need to get together to work on the PayPal situation

We need to put Vivian’s write-up on the website to solicit donations

Will will send out flyers through mailchimp about the rally, flea market, and dog training

Will to contact Nashoba High School’s about getting volunteers to tape training sessions

*President-grant work-several submitted-Hannaford, Market Basket and Stop and Shop

-transfer “gifting” of available funds to Town per grant foundation requirements- we hope to do this by the end of May


Budget discussion-

50/50 raffle discussion-mixed feelings-tabled till next month

-Petsmart meeting discussion-they are interested in doing something for the dog park, they haven’t confirmed if they’re coming to the rally but they have confirmed that they have donations for the rally

DPAC update-the plans have been confirmed

*Old/Unfinished Business-none

-5-year recognition dinner-September-tabled for now

*New Business

-Whisker Walk at the Bolton Fairgrounds on June 8th

-Will donated a cotton candy and popcorn machine-need to buy ingredients

-Next meeting date- May 28th @ 6:30 Location TBD

*Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Vivian at 8:48


May 102014
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Apr 302014
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Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association

March 25, 2014

Chelmsford Town Offices, Room 206


Call to Order: 7:54

Present: Beth B., Sarah, Vivian, Erik, Bill C., Danielle, Mindy Dietz, Donna

Not Present: Mary, Sandra, Will


*Erik made a motion to approve minutes February 25, 2014 as amended. Second by Bill C. (Change “Beth Logan wants a list of dog park owners, to Beth Logan wants a list of Dog owners”)

Reports of Committees

*Steps for Pets at 4-H fairgrounds May 4, 11-2-Deb and John Arthur will man a table for us

-We will ask John if he can make a sign for us out of the Beech tree

*May 10th- Walgreens Dog Rally

-Need help passing out flyers-vendors and walkathon

-Mindy to pass flyers out at PetSmart

-Vivian to make skunk scent removal kits to sell

-we have 2 gift cards to date, need basket stuffers

-we have 2 vendors and 2 demos, lots of inquiries


-Donna will make PowerPoint slides for Walgreens and yard sale to send to telemedia

-Craig’s List ad is paying off-lots of people are inquiring and asking questions

-Erik will ask Officer Leo to come and demo

*May 31st-Yard Sale

-Advertise, donations etc.

-we need to get a yard sale permit and a food permit

-Agway is not going to hold an event that weekend and they gave us a $50 gift card for a silent auction

-menu has not been finalized yet

*Summer training on the common-flyers are ready, spread the word


Finished Events

-Volunteer Fair –we made $16.00

-Papa Gino’s – We go the check yesterday-$60.89

-Margarita’s – Still waiting to hear from Juanita

-Brick House-waiting to hear from Mike or Charlie


Upcoming Events:

-Danielle to host a Lia Sephia party over April vacation. 15% of the commissions will go to the CDA

-Erik is still working on the motorcycle ride

-golf tournament-more work than we can handle


Reports of Officers

Treasurer: Sandra not here

Website: Will is not here

President: Taxes are filed-we don’t have to do anything till November

-Vivian to send in grants to Market Basket, Stop N Shop and Hannaford, Lowes and Home Depot are more project oriented so we will submit grants for them when we’re in building mode

-Billerica Dog Park Committee conversation-a woman approached Vivian for fundraising ideas-we may do a joint fundraiser someday

-Web coordinator- We are back to Will only

-Survey Monkey Donation application-no response to date


New Business

-Donna had an idea to make magnetic car or bumper stickers to sell-she will do some research

-Mindy may go to some farmer’s markets at Jone’s Farm this spring to man a table

-July 4th parade theme: time to start thinking of what to do

-5 year recognition dinner-the members who have been with us for 5 years and also people who have supported us since we started. Erik mentioned doing a buffet at the North Town Hall. Will is TIP certified so we could get a 1 day permit to serve beer and wine

-Next meeting date: Wednesday April 30th @ 6:30 Location TBT



Motion to adjourn: Sarah at 9:07


Mar 262014
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Minutes-Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

February 25, 2014 Tuesday, 7:43PM

Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd., Chelmsford

Call to Order: 7:00PM

Roll Call:

Present: Beth B, Sarah, Danielle, Donna, Will, Erik, Vivian, Beth L

Not Present: Sandra, Mary, Bill C

  • Approval of the Minutes of the preceding meeting.

Motion to approve the minutes of January 8, 2014 as presented/amended: Erik                                                                                Seconded: Danielle

Vote: unanimous

  • Reports of Committees.

*Fundraising Events-Vivian talked to Laura Lee about doing a concert, she will talk to her some more about details

*Vivian had a lady come forward to propose a doghouse building competition and raffling them, Vivian hasn’t heard back from her

*Dog Rally-Walgreens is interested in hosting, Vivian needs to get back with a date, June looks very busy-We will talk to Walgreens about May 10th

*Golf tournament-tabled

*Motorcycle ride-Erik started putting stuff together-need to: figure out where, prizes, talk to Mary about t-shirts

*Yard Sale-Need to get donations-spreading them out would be ideal bc the Merrill’s don’t have much space

*Papa Gino’s-Will will send a Facebook invite for the CDA’s FB friends, Donna will do a windshield blitz at Market Basket

*Volunteer Fair-Vivian will make some dog themed Easter baskets and make some treats with business cards to pass out, Beth L will make shamrock cookies (dog)

*April-we will start getting ready for the yard sale

*Vivian will ask Margaritas to give us the amount we raised in the fundraiser in a gift card ($26 and change)


Future Events:

*Flatbread Pizza Tuesday night fundraiser-we would like to do this

May Flea Market-May 31, 2014-please solicit donations


  • Reports of Officers.


Treasurer- Sandra:


Website news-Will: website has been slightly redesigned; he’s looking at more things to make it pop a little



*Vivian found out that under state law, we can add a solicitation for donations to the quarterly tax bills.  Donna has designed a letter to be used for this purpose.  Beth L suggested putting dog park donations on one side of the letter and memorial bricks information on the other side

*We had an online article in the independent last week not sure if it hit the paper-talking about DPAC starting work and fundraisers.  Vivian will send the article to Will


DPAC-Erik: The design has been awarded to PLACES

Beth L will send Will and Vivian an article she wrote to put on CDA and DPAC websites, she will also write a dog park etiquette article for the DPAC site


  • Old and Unfinished Business:

*Will-still need to work on our internet policy.  He hasn’t come up with anything yet.  Erik will talk to someone at the police station about their policy

  • New Business:

*Beth L would like a list of dog owners and addresses in order to go door to door and pass out CDA information

* Will donated a popcorn maker to the association

*Beth, Sandra, and Vivian are getting together on March 5th to do our taxes, all are welcome

*Training: tentative start date of May 12th 4 week class

The Town’s open meeting forum on March 25th if anyone is interested

Next Meeting Date: March 25th at the town hall


  •   Adjournment-Motion: Erik @8:43